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Doors open on their universe of experiments where the atmosphere vacillates between subtle and crude.

The dancers: Pax, Jigsaw and Sangwn are pillars of the hip-hop dance community in Montreal. As powerful as they are fragile, the long-time accomplices expose themselves to the witnessing glances while the musicians work the sound atmosphere with sensitivity and a committed presence. Together, they redefine their art by reconfiguring their sharing context.

Seeking to evoke an empathic reaction from their audience, the work is built less with artifices, approaching representation as a privileged moment of meeting, where the transparency of the performers touches on reality as much as on the ideal.

Initiator/Creator - 

Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep

Performers/Dancers -

Jean-Édouard Pierre Toussaint 


Ja James Britton Johnson


Thomas Sauvé-Lafrance

Vithou Thurber-Promtep

Artistic consutlants

Caroline Gravel

Voice coach -

Soleil Launiere

Set design

Xavier Mary

Light design

Etienne Fournier

Sound engineer -

Jean-François Gagnon

Un Temps Pour Tout (Teaser)
Filmed & Edited by 
Un Temps Pour Tout 
Illustration; Hélène -Yoloune- Gurénais
Un Temps Pour Tout 
Illustration; IzaDraws
Un Temps Pour Tout  (BTS)
Théatre Lachapelle
Un Temps Pour Tout  (BTS)
The Process
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