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A.MXSE (amuse)


Welcome to A.MUSE, where culture and art converge through an immersive exploration of movement and digital integration. At A.MUSE, we're dedicated to celebrating the boundless beauty and transformative power of artistic expression across a diverse spectrum of mediums, including dance, digital media, design and film.

Founder + Creative Director 

Frederique Pax Dumas


Performing artist / Digtial choreographer / Creative director 

PAX is a multidisciplinary artist and performer. Her creative approach connects various forms and artistic media to her journey as a street dance artist and choreographer. She has been an innovator in the local and international hip-hop and street dance community. Improvisation is at the core of this practice and culture, fundamentally informing her creative process. She has developed unique rituals and movement philosophies surrounding improvised interpretation and choreographic writing, which she continues to deepen. She is currently pursuing an approach that explores the integration of digital media and seeks to create hybrid experiences connecting live arts to digital platforms.


Her work has been showcased on various platforms, including the V&A Museum and Saddler’s well (London, U.K). In 2018, she founded the cross modal platform A.MUSE, with a mission to showcase culture and art through various artistic mediums. Her diverse areas of interest include dance, design, film, and digital media. In 2019 she is a collaborator for the creation E-MOTION, a multi-sensory live immersive exhibition alongside perfumer Dana El Masri and sound producer Lunice. The following year she is a co-choreographer and performer of the work Un temps pour tout, presented at FTA Festival. In 2022, as the founder and curator of HYBRID(X), an exhibition at the intersection of street dance and digital art, she pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, seeking to create immersive and boundary-defying experiences. Notable among her recent achievements is the presentation of her collaborative work METAMORPHOSIS at the 2023 edition of the OFFTA Festival. 

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