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I stood there, staring. my finger tips still tingly from the warm room contrasting the frisky air outside. My cheeks had dried tear marks, slightly frozen, on each side. Eyes wide I stared. I wanted to run but my little legs felt like a single step would make my knees buckle. I thought it would be much easier to hold on, that I may fly away and be carried . Unsure why, I knew for certain this was the beginning , the start of life as it would be. 


To think about him now feels like recounting a dream, blurred and yet on the tip of my mind. If I close my eyes I can get a better glimpse. 


He is grand .


“ Who are you? “ I ask, but no words come out .


there is a lot of silence yet he seems to have heard me .


He dances and twirls, 



My eyes follow him , and slowly my feet too. 

I walk across the room , I forget it is small , it is like a vast open land. 

I forget I am here.

I run , run , run 

And slowly I too , dance.


 I forget he is there and yet I know I am not alone .


When I am tired , I lay on the ground and place my face into my hands for pillows. I do have a bed but i like to feel my heart beating against the ground . It is so loud , louder then thunder when it rains very hard in the summer. 


I see dust under my bed from where I lay , and a missing piece to my puzzle, the one with all the fish. I need to remember it is there, tomorrow when I wake.  I see also he is blue . 



That is the day I decide that it is my favorite colour. Blue


He sings to me that I may sleep,


Song of the Blue Dragon


Once upon a moon ,

By many moons gone 

A blue bird sing 

A song of light , upon the branche of a 

Humble nest , of a beautiful 

Lucious voice 


“ I see the dragon in the dreams of mine , 

And oh how free it seems , 

Grand , it appeals to the Gods 

Flying so swiftly , Better then I 

Could ever, even in my dreams ,

Where I see the dragon ,

it comes to me each night 

Speaking words that escape me as i wake 

Words i only remember when i sing “


“ I see the dragon in the heart of mine,

Carving its home , 

Blowing fire from its nostrils 

That i put out with my tears 

Purifying the wounds ,

Healing the scars ,

Singing songs soft like lullabies, 

Those are the melodies i forget, each night before i dream. “


“  I see the dragon in the spirit of mine ,

He does not tell me his name,

He shares the secrets of blue birds 

of flying above the skies 

of my sacred little blue feathers ,

Magically he takes me upon his scaled back 

I feel his breath as the wind ,

I spread my wings to pretend I am the one that flies 

In the stead of him ,

And when i wake it is I. “

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