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Jean-Edouard "Sangwn" Pierre Toussain

Frederique "Pax" Dumas






BARDO ; /ˈbärdō/ noun; a state of existence between death and rebirth .

Bardo represents the sate of transition , a state of transformation. Our creative intention throughout this process is to consciously experience a transformation within ourselves, allowing us to evolve as beings and hence evolve our artistic expression . The concept of death , in this context is used as an ultimate transition to embody the extreme of fear and resistance that humans tend to live when experiencing change and transition. We look at death as a teacher , the ultimate teacher , however we acknowledge all of life as  transitional. We look at death as a beginning of something new , two opposites in constant duality and symbiosis . Life and death . Freedom and resistance. Inhales and exhales.

Our background as dancers stems from street dance and urban culture , and we have been building artistically as part of the same collective for over ten years. A desire to deepen our dance practice stems form our common path into a spiritual quest and development , eventually coming to merge our understanding and questioning into our art form . We became aware of the meditative and healing power that we held within our movement , and we vowed to embody that intention in our creative process . BARDO has allowed us to explore and manifest this intention . During the whole journey of creation and performing of BARDO we are tied together at the waist by a rope , forcing us to experience the many levels of duality and union that exist within all things. As we pull against each other or as we act as supportive tension we learn the principals of energies at play in our lives and in ourselves.

produced by HYA BLACK
00:00 / 08:24
Filmed & Edited by Jaknowswhat
Creative residency - In Retrsopekt @Tangente


2017 March        In Retrospek 

2017 February   100 LUX

2017 February   Art Exhibition 

2017 July            B side

2017 November  CAM on tour 

Tangente Dena Davina theatre  

5e salle , Place des arts 

Espace 999 

MAI Theatre

Maison de la culture 

100LUX @ 5e salle , Place-des-Arts
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