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NON-SEQUITUR is a cross media experience emerging from a creative process & exchange, between multi-disciplinary artists and dancers Nubian Néné (NYC) and Paxthemxse (MTL) with the collaborative participation of musical producer Ronnie Picasso . Facilitated by CCOV as part of an initiative to create artistic bridges between artist in various geographical spaces by the use of digital tools as an answer and proposed solution to the current confinement and context of creation. 

NON-SEQUITUR - "that which does not follow" 

the previous statement/Idea/proposition.


As movers and street dance artists, a large part of our expression is freestyle (improvisation) based. As an artistic process we felt compelled by the freedom of the unexpected, to allow a thought or idea to emerge that does not rationally seem to follow an initial guideline or criteria, creating subsequently the same experience in the body, influencing our own desire to break a pattern or momentum in our physical expression at random.

The process was exchanged via various digital platforms as we developed and researched certain themes and concepts, the main objective was to focus on the process of research and the observed experience it created. The structured sharing of the project is meant to reflect the raw aspect of an ongoing continuum, unfinished and unpolished. Creating an mult-media epxerience that is in itself NON-SEQUITUR.





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